Assistance Programs & Projects

  • Educational conferences on history, culture, international relations, diplomacy, cultural diplomacy, protocol and ceremonial, human rights, among other areas of knowledge.
  • Assistance program for artists at risk.
  • Project “Possible Venezuela”. That was the phrase used by the writer and politician Arturo Uslar Pietri to define the country that could have become Venezuela in the 20th century, given the potential in natural resources that this wonderful land possesses. That “Possible Venezuela” is today more than ever, a commitment, a need, a desire of the majority of its citizens, unfortunately dispersed throughout the world, precisely as victims of erroneous, static policies, of extreme economic and social control. Resuming the path of economic and social freedom, respect for private property, entrepreneurship, sustainable economic growth through a productive economy, is still possible. Intelligence, knowledge and talents, in the most varied areas of knowledge, Venezuela has produced in the 20th century and so far in the 21st. Today, much of that valuable human material has been forced to emigrate from their country. However, thanks to the technologies of the modern world, it will be possible to get in touch, organize them according to their areas of knowledge, so that they can contribute their talents and expertise, in the construction of “Possible Venezuela”.